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Finding My Adventure

When we are little adventure is a part of us just as much as our eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Our imagination brings hot lava floors and quests in far off kingdoms. The unknown brings curiosity and excitement! Realistic isn't in our vocabulary and we can be whatever we want. The idea of impossible is no where to be found. I wish I could tell you this never changes but, if it didn't I wouldn't be writing this post.

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No Mess…Yet

About a month ago I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this video of two of my favorite Christian artists ( Jonathan and Melissa Helser). It was a simple video┬ábut it gave me so much revelation (link posted below).... Continue Reading →

True Beauty

I have been very blessed(maybe even spoiled) in the places I've lived. I was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. I refer to Juneau as my own personal snow globe. I know for a fact it is one of the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Word Vomit

Welcome to word vomit! This lovely piece of my blog will be dedicated to quotes, thoughts, and of course word vomit! I'll do my best to update this every week. Enjoy!

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My corner of possible future writing for books, songs, and various ideas.

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